Our Proud Production

Web series 1: COVID-19 in Pregnancy: An Update for Obstetricians

Web series 2: COVID-19: Experience from Public and Private Practice

Web series 3 : Global Perspective on COVID-19

Web series 4 : CovEXIT: From Pandemic to Endemic

Web series 5 : Navigating Troubled Waters During a Pandemic

Web series 6 : Laparoscopic Surgery for Gynaecological Emergencies

Web series 7 : Virtual Simulation Training: A New Frontier – Live Demo on Difficult Caesarean Section and PPH

Web series 8 : The New Norm Antenatal Care: Incorporating Digital Technology & Artificial Intelligence

Web series 9 : Virtual Simulation Training: Tears and Bleeders During Caesarean Section

Web series X : Placenta Accreta Spectrum: A Rising Tsunami in Obs Emergencies