Meet Our New Trainers
Let’s hear their thoughts when first becoming a trainer

The syllabus of ICOE is practical, up to date and comprehensive. I have benefited greatly from the course, which in turn boosted my confidence to teach others.

– Dr. Fatin Nabila Yazid

Dr. Fatin Nabila Yazid

As a first-time trainer for the ICOE training tailored for midwives, I found the experience to be truly rewarding on multiple levels. Witnessing the participants’ remarkable growth in knowledge and skill in managing obstetric emergencies was deeply fulfilling and reinforced my passion for teaching. The opportunity to engage with such dedicated midwives in this platform was truly enriching and inspiring.

– Dr. Jagdeesh Kaur

Dr. Jagdeesh Kaur

For ICOE: “As you teach you learn.”

– Dr. Khor Xin Yun

Dr. Khor Xin Yun

It was a fun and enjoyable experience. I met many people and learnt a lot as well.

– Dr. Luke Ang Poh Cheok

Dr. Luke Ang Poh Cheok

I was more anxious only then to realize I made the right move. It was overwhelming and intimidating to be exact in the beginning. However, I am glad to be led forward by an amazing team. It’s an incredible work, skills, talent and experience.

– Dr. Reanugah Thyagarajan

Dr. Reanugah Thyagarajan

Being a trainer has definitely made me become more confident in my clinical management of obstetric emergencies.

– Dr. Theishini N Imbaraj

Dr. Theishini N Imbaraj

Knowledge shared is knowledge squared.

– Dr. Wong Lee Leong

Dr. Wong Lee Leong

In teaching others, we teach ourselves.

– Dr. Wong Xin Sheng

Dr. Wong Xin Sheng

While we teach, we learn.

– Dr. Wong Xiu Sing

Dr. Wong Xiu Sing

Being an ICOE trainer has given me a chance to help equip fellow comrades not only in the local fraternity but also globally with essential skills needed to ensure a safe delivery for both the mother and the baby.

– Dr. Alvin Isaac Sukumar

Dr. Alvin Isaac Sukumar

ICOE teaches us to work as a team, escalate our skills and empower our knowledge.

– Dr. Normaliza Muhamad

Dr. Normaliza Muhamad