5-Year ICOE Report
Our Report Card

The Intensive Course in Obstetric Emergencies is a simulation and skills-based course designed by the Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Malaysia. Since its inception as a local-based basic obstetric emergencies skill course in 2009, the course has expanded to 13 countries in the region, training various grades of doctors, midwives, and trainers. The course curriculum has been regularly enhanced to meet emerging training needs and updates in evidence-based practice.

ICOE – A 5-year Experience takes the reader to revisit the early days of conceptualization of ICOE and how it evolved into an internationally acclaimed training module. The report begins by giving the reader an insider look into the organization and capacity building strategies of ICOE, and how the steering committee navigated through various challenges. Subsequent chapters analyzed pre- and post-test performance of selected skill stations in the ICOE training module, comparing outcomes among doctors and midwives, local and international trainees. The authors then summarized key findings, reflected on the effectiveness of training, and proposed priority areas for improvement. Each chapter closed with a collection of photographs taken during ICOE courses.

The Report serves as an archive of important milestones in the ICOE journey. Lessons were gleaned from the past to guide future conduct of the course. It is available free for download on the ICOE website.